About us

Anne (Ane) Howard is a social media strategist and a public relations veteran with over 20 years of experience. Anne has managed accounts from Los Angeles to Toronto with a great amount of success and gusto. Formerly a VP at Shandwick Weber, New York city, Anne became a consultant in 2002 and hasn't looked back.  Anne is also an editor at Hollywood Today and a freelance journalist at Vator TV, covering business and emerging technology news as they pertain to the Hollywood "state of mind'.

Anne's approach to PR is one of positivity, focusing on promoting what is good and great in this world, and doing her best to change what isn't so good with her skills.   She combines the latest web tools to successfully create, manage and measure success to good old fashion, people's skills. 

Anne is the founder of RushPRNews, a press release newswire service recognized by Google News, Bing News, and Yahoo! as a valuable news source, and RushPRTools, a public relations and CRM platform. She is as comfortable placing media calls to secure interviews for her clients than setting up and managing an online new media campaign, to simply writing SEO-friendly news releases.

Anne Howard PR's team includes top-notch writers with expertise in different fields.

Anne's clients have been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, The New York Times, Associated Press, Globe and Mail, Montreal Gazette, CBC, The Hour and many other news outlets.

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