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Debunking The Social Media Release (SMR)

By Ane Howard

Brief Intro to Social Media Releases (SMRs)- Traditional PRs "Pitch" a story idea, while SMRs tell a story

NEW YORK (RPRN) -Social Media Site (SMR) is fast becoming the vehicle for writers and users of social media sites. Sites such as Twitter, DIGG, Mixx, technorati, and others are spreading newsworthy content.

Survey Shows that Teens Tweet, Adults Blog

Summary:This report from the Pew Research Centers Internet & American Life Project is a part of a series of reports undertaken by the Pew Research Center that highlight the attitudes and behaviors of the Millennial generation, a cohort we define here as adults ages 18 to 29.

How to Measure Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

By Andrea Archibald

Sunnyvale, CA (RPRN)You have heard about social media. You haveve probably been told that you must be a part of it, that you must have a presence on those sites. You are looking to jump on this fantastic marketing opportunity, but you don't know how.

In everyone's rush to the goldmine, few stop to think about how. Am I approaching social media in the right way? Am I building the right campaign? Is this even a proper campaign?