Public Relations (PR) and Media Relations

We focus on Positive Public Relations (PPR). When we think of you, we think positive, and we think big. In our care, others will too. Positive PR means results and credibility. 

Anne Howard PR's team is adept at developing, implementing and seeing from scratch to completion public relations and media campaigns from Montreal, Toronto, to New York and Los Angeles. We serve clients in various sectors, from technology to entertainment and health/lifestyle.  As a by-coastal boutique agency, our clientele is based from Los Angeles to Eastern Canada.

A successful public relation and media campaign is focused on establishing positive ties on behalf of clients through communicating key corporate messages with news outlets, industry experts, and its market. Communication takes many forms, be it a phone call to news editors, e-mails, broadcast of press releases, and blog entries, public relations remains what its name implies, relations made public. Traditionally, public relations is concerned with maintaining public image for high-profile people, commercial businesses and organizations, but in the hands of experienced publicists such Anne Howard PR's team and with the right digital tools, start-ups and emerging personalities also greatly benefit from such efforts.

Success in PR is traditionally measured, but not limited to, by its key element, that is press coverage, but another important component is recognition in its field of expertise, increased web site traffic and earned revenues. You know a campaign has been successful when reporters and industry analysts turn to you to share your knowledge, and include you in their news piece.

To learn more about applying these principles to your marketing strategies,  listen to Anne`s Podcast - social media - Part 1.