Web strategist and Brand Ambassador

A successful social media campaign is not focused on pitching or promoting a brand. Social media is about building a bridge between its targeted audience, to converse and engage them in a positive dialog, in effect to raise the credibility of the brand. Social media is an expression of branding as is the rest of a company's communications, and is there to actively support the public relations strategies and goals.

The difference between a PR and Social Media campaign is that social media is focused on strengthening the relationships that people have with a brand via a two-way interaction, and takes place on a daily and continuing basis.

Success in social media is measured as return on involvement. The more your community manager participates in the conversation, by listening, engaging and providing interesting and useful content and insights, the more he understands what your clients, employees and other stakeholders expect from you, and raises your profile online. As he tailors your voice and ears to their needs, he becomes increasingly useful to them and they feel more affinity towards your company, which can result into increased revenues.

From a metrics perspective, success can be measure by increased hits to your website, mentions on social networks, engagement with your brand, dialog with your target market and blogs (both positive and negative), and obviously and most importantly revenues.

We will find your voice, create your social profiles, manage and openly speak, listen and respond on your behalf.

Let us be your voice and ears. Let us be your brand ambassador

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We will:

Build an effective social media marketing campaign
Respond to what is being said about your brand and business
Set up an online page and maintain your online presence
Use social media to drive traffic to your website and engage prospects
Distribute your targeted messages using multiple online channels
Advertise online on a small budget get the top result spot on search engines