Red Flag Rulebook, TORONTO, Canada
"When I spoke to Anne Howard for the first time, I know she was the only choice for our project. She knew exactly how to promote "The Red Flag Rulebook" in both Canada and the U.S. and got us so many interviews that I had a full schedule. She is friendly and professional and always available whenever we need her. I loved working with Anne and am excited to work with her again on our next book, 'The Break up Rulebook'."
Cheryl Ann Meyer, co-author

"Dear Anne, I was very lucky to have had the opportunity to retain your unique services for Beyond Borders Exhibition of Fine Art at the Agora Gallery in New York City. The specialized PR you and your staff brought to the table....increased awareness for both Art Start & Prince Harry Sentebale. Everyone is very please!!!"
Aaron W Lacey, Visual Artist

MSNBC, NBC, Universal
"Thanks for all your help, it turned out great. You did a WONDERFUL job arranging everything."
Andrew Dallos, NBC Producer

"Fantastic, Anne. Indeed, I shudder to think what itwould have been without you and Isabelle working this one. Many thanks."

"Anne, thank you for a great job. I knew you were the one to go with regarding the settlement of the lawsuit with IMG, Daria and the agency. I was correct. The amount of publicity received was beyond expectation. YOU ARE A KICK ASS PUBLICIST and I can see why you have both LA clients and Canadian clients ! "
Susan J Burych, President, Toronto, ON

"I have worked with both large and small firms but feel most confident with Anne Howard to spearhead the PR campaign for Quik Pod. She is honest, accountable and as focused as a laser beam and she produces excellent results."
Wayne Fromm, President Fromm Works Inc., inventor of the Quik Pod and more.

"Anne, I just wanted to write you and congratulate you on the success of our launching of the" Underground Bounty Hunter" CinemaVenture game. Again, thanks for all of your hard work. We could have never accomplished this without your hard work and support. Thank you, thankyou thank you, and THANK YOU!"
Darryl Quarles, screenwriter, producer, Cash Only Productions, Los Angeles, CA , USA

"RushPRNews were the first people not to laugh at my dream. They were the catalyst for the world finding "Dead Body Guy" and I owe all of our success to the press releases Anne did for us. As of this writing www.deadbodyguy.com has eclipsed a quarter of a million page views in less than a month. 74 countries from 6 continents and over 100 TV and radio station mentions. MSNBC, twice the Today show, twice on CNN with Ms. Jeanne Moos! Fox News, WB , USA TODAY and so many more have covered us! All thanks to Anne Howard and her expertise. If you have a dream, don't let people stop you. NEVER QUIT LIVING YOUR DREAM! Let Rush PR News help."
Chuck Lamb, Comedian, The Dead Body Guy

LOLA 2007
"Anne Howard provided us with very well-rounded insight into the multiple facets of an effective campaign and led us to exceptional results through her remarkable orchestration of our complex pr initiative. That's why we keep bringing her back."
Andrew Francis, Founder, London Ontario Live Arts Festival

"Anne, Wow, this last press release of yours is MAGICAL. I forwarded it off on my email list and have started hearing from people who i hadn't heard from in years. You sure knew what to say to get everybody's attention, the NYC museum, the retrospective at Berkeley, it was like a bomb you set off. You're BRILLIANT !"
Graeme Whifler, Director, screenwriter, Los Angels, CA, USA

"I have worked as a communication specialist for both large and small organization and run my own business as well. In today's economic climate, when so many communications professionals are working as full-time consultants or starting small agencies, a service like RushPRnews addresses a growing industry need. Her Daily Gazette is a wonderful tool for businesses looking to get published. Brilliant!"
Lauren Albert, Communications Specialist, NY, NY

"Anne, I owe you a lot. Tonight was a wonderful show."
Kevin McQuee, President and owner of MusicplusTV, Los Angeles , CA , USA

"I have been associated with Anne Howard PR and RushPRNews for only a few months. In that short amount of time, I have been featured on nationwide pod broadcasts,the Student Operated Press, featured in numerous Associated Press articles and have appeared on the CBS Affiliate in Washington DC's morning news program,as well as invited to join their non-profit organization inspiring healthy & active lifestyles for low income families in the DC area. Anne has been an essential part of Funfit's growth and is a joy to work with. Your success is always her goal."
Celia Kibler, President, Funfit Inc. Washington,DC, USA

"I used Anne's press release services and a U.S. World News reporter saw it in her pressroom and booked my client. Thank you Anne for the excellent service. I will keep using you."
Maryclenn McCombs, Nashville, TN, USA